Donatio Intensivistam

What is Donatio Intesivistam?

  • Donatio Intensivistam is a trust fund which was created in order to gather money necessary for conducting a clinical study to test the effectiveness and safety of drugs that could potentially help cure critical forms of COVID-19. Any resources that will remain unused will be utilized in concordance with the statute of the trust fund - for educational projects for nurses and physicians and for specialized devices in the intensive care units in the Czech Republic.

What does Donatio Intensivistam mean?

  • Donatio Intensivistam means "donation to intensivists". An intesivist is a physician specialized in intensive care medicine.

Does your trust fund accept donations?

  • Yes, the purpose of this trust fund is to enable the public to financially support us so we can work on above mentioned projects.

What amount of money can I donate?

  • The size of each donation is completely up to the donor. We accept both minor financial gifts from individuals and large donations from companies, corporations, other foundations, etc.

Does your trust fund accept other forms of support than the financial?

  • No. Our trust fund was created primarily to help us obtain financial support. However, if you have an idea how to help us in a different than financial way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If I donate to your trust fund, can I subtract the amount of money from my taxes?

  • Yes, for every financial gift we are able to issue a donation agreement. You may then subtract the amount of money from your taxes.

Can I participate in the trust fund?

  • The trust fund is not looking for more members or employees, however, if you have any ideas on how you could help us, please let us know.

Can I help even though I am a foreigner or live abroad?

  • Yes, financial gifts can be sent from other countries than the Czech Republic. You will find our IBAN on our website.


What is AZIQUINE-ICU's purpose?

  • This clinical study should verify the effectiveness of two broadly available drugs - hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin - in treatment of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms.

Where can I find detailed information about the study?

What do you expect from the clinical trial?

  • We expect so-called hard data, that is, information obtained in a reliable and reproducible manner accordingly to the principles of evidence-based medicine. Gathered data will serve as a reliable lead for physicians when deciding how to treat COVID-19 patients.

Is the study authorized?

  • Yes, our study has been authorized by the State Institute for Drug Control and the multicenter Ethical Commitee of the University Hospital Vinohrady, University Hospital Motol and in other institutions that are taking part in this project the authorization is being processed.

Have you obtained financial aid for your study in a different way than via public donations?

  • Yes, until now we have managed to get 950 000 CZK from the Program GAMA 2 - Support of the Process of Commercialization of Results of Research at the Charles University.

How can I take part in your study?

  • Patients who may participate in our study must be COVID-19 positive and have symptoms severe enough to be hospitalized at an intensive care unit. The conduct of the study itself requires professionally trained medical staff at each facility. However, if you are for example a medical student and you would like to help us with collecting data and meanwhile learn something, please contact us at info@donatio-intesivistam.cz

At which facilities will the clinical study take place?

  • This study will take place at 8 clinical facilities in the Czech Republic - in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ústí nad Labem and Pilsen. We are also negotiating with the Regional Hospital Liberec about potential cooperation. For more information about our team and the facilities involved see https://donatio-intensivistam.cz/detaily-studie/